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Sinsche is a manufacturer and global supplier of cutting edge technologies, designed for the analysis and monitoring of water. Formed in 2007 in Shenzhen P.R. China, our team of innovative specialists are dedicated to developing and supporting new methods and instruments, to enable fast, accurate and cost effective results from within the harshest of environments, to the modern laboratory.


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Sinsche’s wide line of instrumentation and chemistries have been crafted for more than 14 years to make water analysis simpler, better – faster,greener and more informative.

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  • Shenzhen Sinsche Technology has successfully won the title of “Green Channel” Enterprise

    Shenzhen sinsche Technology has successfully won the title of "Green Channel" Enterprise in Longhua District, Shenzhen, China from 202 to 2023. Sinsche will receive a series of policy support from the government!
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  • Does chlorine disinfection harmful to you? 1

    It has been more than 100 years since the use of chlorine for disinfection of tap water. Today, many people still do not know whether chlorine is harmful to human body! Residual chlorine refers to the residual chlorine content in the water after contact for a certain time during the water treatm...
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  • Sinsche’s new products : US-Series Intelligent Safe Reactor open a new safe era for digestion.

      US-Series Intelligent Safe Reactor open a new safe era for digestion.   The US-type safe intelligent digestion reactor adopts the independent unit design of the operation area and the digestion area, and the reactor provide up to 8 parallel digestion units, supporting each digestion u...
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