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Sinsche is a manufacturer and global supplier of cutting edge technologies, designed for the analysis and monitoring of water. Formed in 2007 in Shenzhen P.R. China, our team of innovative specialists are dedicated to developing and supporting new methods and instruments, to enable fast, accurate and cost effective results from within the harshest of environments, to the modern laboratory.


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Sinsche’s wide line of instrumentation and chemistries have been crafted for more than 14 years to make water analysis simpler, better – faster,greener and more informative.

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  • The role of several conventional physical and chemical indicators in aquaculture

    The role of several conventional physical and chemical indicators in aquaculture   As the saying goes, raising fish first raises water, which shows the importance of water environment in aquaculture. In the breeding process, the quality of aquaculture water quality is judged mainly by detec...
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  • The era of subsodium disinfection is coming, and it is time to adjust the water plant testing plan!

    The disinfection of water plants has been developed for many years, but the word "chlorine" is still inseparable! This is because it is required in the national system standard that there must be chlorine disinfectant in drinking water to contr...
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  • Micro automated analysis technology

    Micro automated analysis technology The micro-automatic analysis technology is based on the classic chemical analysis principles, and makes full use of modern microchips and highly intelligent software to bring ordinary routine analysis from constant analysis to the era of micro-analysis. The co...
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