T-CL501C Active Chlorine Portable Colorimeter

T-CL501C Active Chlorine Portable Colorimeter

Short Description:

T-CL501C brings customers a new choice with the characteristics of simplicity, speediness, accuracy, etc. It is suitable for the on-site measurement or laboratory standard detection of available chlorine in the chlorination and disinfection of food factories, hospitals, sewage places, feeding centers, aquaculture, disinfection septic tanks, etc., and also the detection of the available chlorine content in the finished sodium hypochlorite solution and the sodium hypochlorite solution produced by the sodium hypochlorite generator.




It can be used in hospitals, sewage places,food factories, feeding centers, disinfection septic tanks aquaculture,  etc

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Time-saving and Convenient Testing

Three-step operation with sample zeroing, Detected within 1 minute, adding proper reagent and testing make the water analysis become technology-intensive.

Easy and Fast Configuration

Pre-measured package and optimized configuration relieve your burden effectively, thus the field work is no longer a fussy task.

Stable and Accurate Testing Result

EPA based automation technique and calibrated standard curve improve the stability and repeatability.

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  • Parameters

    Available Chlorine

    Testing Range

    Low: 5-500mg/L

    Middle :500-10000mg/L

    High: 1%-15%


    Low range: 200 mg /L available chlorine ≤10mg / L;

    Middle range: 7000mg / Lavailable chlorine ≤200mg / L;

    High range: 5.0% available chlorine ≤0.25%


    Available chlorine: 0.001A (display), 0.0001A (calculation)


    3.5 inch TFT widescreen color screen display, support Chinese, English and Korean menu

    Operating Environment

    0-50°C ; 0-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)

    Detection Method

    Available Chlorine: Iodine spectrophotometry


    265 × 121 × 75mm (10.4 × 4.7 × 2.9inch)

    Power Supply

    Available chlorine:4AA alkaline batteries or USB connection.

    Standard Set

    1 set of portable available chlorine colorimeter

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