G-100 Microbial Detection Kit

G-100 Microbial Detection Kit

Short Description:

The G-100 microbial detection kit is a professional microbial detection kit that can meet the analysis needs of a variety of microorganisms in the water. The three processes of sampling, inoculation, and cultivation are highly integrated and are suitable for use in laboratories or sampling sites. Product configuration fully considers the practicability of detection, complete supporting equipment, high integration and automation, and easy operation.




G100 can be used to analyze a variety of microorganisms in water, especially suitable for laboratory or sampling site operations, highly integrated sampling, inoculation, and cultivation process and can be widely used in many related fields such as environmental protection, municipal administration, hydrological monitoring, etc.


Highly integrated, easy to operate

It adopts a combined configuration to meet a variety of microbial detection needs. It is equipped with portable constant temperature incubators, vacuum suction pumps, water baths and other accessories. Microbial detection equipment is complete in one box, making detection more convenient.

Practical high-quality combination configuration

Portable digital controlled constant temperature incubator, surrounded by heating on four walls, with over-temperature alarm and custom timing functions; A variety of prefabricated microbial culture dishes can be placed at the same time to facilitate direct observation of microorganisms; Automatic filtration vacuum pump and high temperature resistant filter kit can be directly sterilized on site, and 45μm pore size filter membrane can be used; Quickly perform vacuum filtration of water samples on site to complete microbial sample collection.

Optional microbial culture medium

Optional prefabricated aseptic product culture medium combined with aseptic microbiological accessories such as aseptic sampling bag, aseptic petri dish, aseptic straw, etc., ready to use, saving tedious sterilization process, no need to purchase additional sterilization device, etc. Complete microbiological testing.

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  • Test performance parameters

    Temperature control range 5 - 50℃
    Temperature control accuracy ± 0.5℃
    Main configuration Portable vacuum filter pump (including filter Hose) and filter kitPortable water bathSterile sampling bag Explosion-proof alcohol lampOther corresponding auxiliary consumables
    Optional culture medium Heat-resistant coliform mediumTotal coliform mediumTotal colony mediumEscherichia coli medium
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