Q-CL501P Chlorine&pH portable colorimeter

Q-CL501P Chlorine&pH portable colorimeter

Short Description:

Q-CL501P is special designed for the testing of free chlorine in drinking water pool water and wasted water and the test of pH in lower turbidity and chrominance in drinking water and source This instrument uses the colorimetric detection principle to replace the traditional visual colorimetry. Elimination of human error, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved.




With a high degree of intelligence and flexibility, it can measure free chlorine, pH,   and widely used in electric power, water supply, medicine, chemical, food and other industries to continuously measure free chlorine and pH in water .such as drinking water,wasted water,environment water,swimming pool water ,spa water and so on .



Using the latest micro-programming technology and highly integrated circuits ensure the reliability and perdurability of the instrument;

Default standard curve with the mathematic simulation, ensures testing results are reliable;

It is developed by Sinsche autonomously with three patents;

Adopting the principle of photoelectric colorimetry of spectrophotometry, it is convenient to apply reagents. The water sample can be read within a few minutes after the reagent is reacted, and the measured value is displayed digitally;

Quantitative packaging-specific reagents, the combination of well-chosen accessories, outdoor detection is no longer a tedious work;

Portable design with a carrying case which is very convenient to take to filed work,make the filed testing more flexible.

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  • Testing items Free chlorine, pH
    Testing Range  Free chlorine: 0.01-5.00mg/L
    pH: 6.5-8.5
    Precision  Free chlorine: ≤3%±0.01
    pH: ±0.1
    Testing Method  Free chlorine: DPD spectrophotometry
    pH: phenol red colormetric
    Weight 150g
    Standard USEPA (20th edition)
    Power supply Two AA batteries
    Dimension (L×W×H) 160 x 62 x 30mm
    Certificate CE
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