S-series Safe Reactor(S-100/S-200)

S-series Safe Reactor(S-100/S-200)

Short Description:

The S-series Safe reactors are powerful thermostat using unique double-locking,explosion-proof safety cover design,transparent splash protection lids close the thermostat while it is heating.

S series digesters can meet the needs of different digestion scenarios. S-100 with 24 digestion holes and S-200 with 36 digestion holes which can meet different laboratory testing applications. The reactors support the 16mm diameter vials which is suitable for more digestion setting and very flexible.




It can be used for heating and digesting water samples such as COD, TOC, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, etc. in the fields of industry, municipal administration, environmental protection, and university scientific research.


Smart Efficiency

The integrated explosion-proof feature and double lock provide additional safety. Even if the digestion tube explodes during the digestion process, it can ensure that there is no splashing of glass slag and no overflow of the digestion solution, which fully ensures the safety of personnel.

Unique design ,convenient to strip and clean

Idependent design make it more easy to clean and maintain ,its corrosion-proof,high temperature resistant material.

Variable frequency heating temperature control is more accurate

Power intelligent transformation heating,better temperature true stability,effectivly improve the accuracy of the digestion process. With rapid heating process, which can realize 25 to 150 ºC in 10 minutes .


The digestion module adopts a special insulation design to prevent heat diffusion and ensure that the temperature of the digester shell is safe during the long-term high-temperature digestion process.

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  • Heating Rate: 25 to 150 ºC in 10 minutes
    Accuracy ±2 ºC
    Temperature Range Room temperature to 195ºC
    Time setting range 0 - 999minutes
    Dimensions(L×W×H) 355 × 300 × 280mm
    S-100 reactor 24hole
    S-200 reactor 36hole
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