TA-201 Bench-Top sodium hypochlorite available Chlorine Analyzer

TA-201 Bench-Top sodium hypochlorite available Chlorine Analyzer

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TA-201 Bench-Top sodium hypochlorite available Chlorine Analyzer brings customers a brand new choice with the characteristics of simplicity, speed, accuracy, etc. It is suitable for water plants, food plants, hospitals, sewage plants, breeding centers, aquaculture, sterilized septic tanks, etc. Laboratory standard testing of available chlorine in chlorination disinfection, and testing of available chlorine content in finished sodium hypochlorite solution and sodium hypochlorite solution produced by sodium hypochlorite generator.




It is used to measure the available chlorine content in sodium hypochlorite.It is not only suitable for users who use finished sodium hypochlorite solution for disinfection, but also for users who use sodium hypochlorite generator to prepare sodium hypochlorite solution for disinfection.



Time-saving and convenient testing

Two-steps operation with sample zeroing, detected within 10 minute without adding any reagent and make the water analysis become technology-intensive.Compared with the iodometric method, it saves at least 24h reagent preparation time and at least 20min detection time.

Efficient and automatic calculation

With the help of Pre-set parameter programme module and rigorous standard formula make the whole test process become simple and Efficient.

Stable and accurate testing result

Built-in rigorous calibrated standard curve improve the stability and repeatability. The self-made compensation technology is used to eliminate the influence of factors such as the environment and the characteristics of different batches of samples on the test results to ensure the stability and accuracy of the test results.

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  •   Available Chlorine (LR) Available Chlorine (HR)
    Range 500 - 20000mg/L 2.00 - 15.00%
    Resolution 1mg/L 0.10%
    Precision 7000mg/L Available Chlorine≤200mg/L 5.0% Available
    Chlorine ≤0.25%
    Display 3.2 Inch
    Reagent No need reagent
    Method Spectroscopy method
    Dimension(L×W×H) 460 x 350 x 200mm
    Weight 14kg
    Main configuration Instrument x 11mm Cuvette x 2,10mm Cuvette x 2
    Power supply AC100 - 240V.50/60Hz
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