TC-01 Water Digital Titrator

TC-01 Water Digital Titrator

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The traditional titration analysis process usually includes reagent preparation, manual titration and manual calculation, the analysis result will be easy influence by human factors , so the requirements for operators are relatively high! TC – 01 Water Digital Titrator ,special designed for laboratory ,matching special finished titration reagent, without too much glassware, can easily complete titration analysis process.




It can be widely used in drinking water, water source water, food and beverage, environment, medical treatment, chemistry, pharmacy, thermoelectricity, papermaking, breeding, bioengineering, fermentation technology, textile printing and dyeing, petrochemical industry, water treatment and other fields. It is suitable for various indicators of titration method detection.


High Level of Automation

Automatically cleans, auto-fills, auto-titrates, and automatically records the titration volume. And for the automatic cleaning and filling can eliminate complicated cleaning, tank liquid, zero adjustment and other steps, simplifying the preparation work before titration. Automatic titration, and the dripping speed can be adjusted in three gears: fast, medium and slow, meeting the requirements for dripping speed at different stages of the titration process.Automatically record the titration volume, eliminate human reading errors and other errors, realize simplify the titration and recording work.

Display The Results Directly

With build in items:COD, Total hardness, Chloride, Total alkalinity, Dissolved oxygen , Calcium hardness. After the titration is finished, the test results can be directly obtained without the manual calculation. While this instrument also support custom titration formula editing.

Supporting Pre-Manufactured Reagents

With prefabricated reagents, the standard titration stock solution can be used after accurate dilution. There is no need to purchase, store, and use relevant raw materials and reagents, saving the time cost and safety cost of reagent configuration. 

Support Calibration

With temperature probe which enable automatic temperature compensation.Adopt the same calibration mode as the burette to ensure the accuracy of the titration volume reaches the A-level burette.

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  • Resolution 0.01mL
    Repeatability ≤0.1%
    Indication error ±1%
    Pipetting method High precision peristaltic pump
    Instrument size 220 x 160 x 130mm
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